Our Services

With the rapid expansion and unprecedented growth of our modern day cities, urban and regional planning has become an essential tool for dealing with the challenges of managing the built and natural environ- ment. At Al Saqf Engineering Consultancy the Urban Planning Department aims to ensure a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach while advocating the active participation of key stakeholders.

Each project objective reflects the client’s needs while taking into consideration the environmental and socio-economic impacts on the particular urban context. In establishing viable planning and design strategies and solutions, Al Saqf works towards sustainable development at national, regional and local levels.

Al Saqf’s Urban Planning Services include:
  • Regional and City Master Planning
  • Urban Planning and Regeneration
  • Social Facilities Planning
  • Urban Design of mixed Use development
  • Landscaping and Ecosystem management

Our solutions aim at enhancing the urban fabric in order to effectively utilize land and maximize site potential, while respecting existing structures and socio-cultural issues. Drawing on our understanding of market forces and recognizing the diversity inherent within communities, we strive to uphold the public interest in each of our projects.

The management of the urban and rural water cycles has been a major activity for more than a decades at Al Saqf . Services for the design and construction supervision of water, sewer and stormwater networks range from small to major projects.

The scope of services covered at Al Saqf under Water & Environmental Engineering along with our specialized specialized sub consultants cover:

  • Water resources management:
    Geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, groundwater assessment, water balance, and water resources management.
  • Urban Hydraulics:
    Water supply and wastewater master planning, water treatment, water transmis- sion, water distribution, fire fighting, water loss reduction, sewage collection, sewage treatment, treated sewer effluent reuse.
  • Surface Water & Flood Mitigation:
    Hydrology, design of stormwater networks and flood mitigation structures.
  • Hydraulics and Irrigation:
    Water resources assessment, feasibility studies, socio-economic studies, design of irrigation networks.
  • Solid Waste Management:
    Demographic and geographic studies, Assessment of existing solid waste man- agement systems, Master Plans, Prepare sustainable solid waste management solutions, Design of solid waste landfill units.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment:
    Determine, analyze, and interpret significant potential environmental impacts of a proposed development, Prepare mitigation measure plans, environmental management plans and monitoring plans.

Structural Engineering at Al Saqf is the oldest discipline in the company since both founders of the company are structural engineers themselves. That is why Structural Engineering at Al Saqf has always been under close scrutiny in order to apply state-of-the-art solutions and to enforce rigorous standards of safety and quality. Under this constant attention, Structural Engineering at Al Saqf has thrived to meet the ever-increasing demand for larger and more complex structures, taller buildings, supporting heavier loads and meeting more stringent safety, serviceability and durability standards.

Today, Al Saqf employs over 4 civil engineers with more than 30 years of design experience. The combination of institutional tradition with state-of-the-art techniques and technology, using world class standard software as well as in-house custom developed software, insures the client that the most appropriate structural solution in terms of cost and safety will be selected, taking into account all the particular conditions of the project.

Structural Services includes:
  • Design of New Structures
  • Checking of Existing Designs
  • Inspection and Repair of Existing Structures

Scope Of Structures:
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Pre-stressed Concrete Structures
  • Steel Structures
  • Post Tensioning Slabs

The Structural Engineering know-how is regularly applied to the following types of structures:
  • Hotels, office buildings & residential high-rise towers with distinctive architectural features.
  • Institutional facilities: schools, hospitals,military barracks, and banks.
  • Villas and palaces: with intricate architectural treatment.
  • Warehouses, supermarkets and factories.
  • Tunnels, culverts and retaining walls.
  • Elevated water tanks, pump rooms, settling tanks & filters.

In today’s world, building owners and designers are expected to meet the ever-escalating, high quality power demands of advanced telecom and high technology which are part and parcel of the challenging complexity of modern projects. Consequently, our electrical engineers work diligently to offer services capable of accommodating these demands while taking a proactive approach that will keep our electrical solutions viable for the years to come.

Al Saqf offers specialized consulting services along with our specialized sub consultants in the following:

Lighting: Indoor/ Flood Lighting/ Landscape/ Road/ Tunnel

Building: MV/LV, Power Distribution, Protection and Safety-Low Current Systems: Security, Alarm, Audio-visual

Conveying Systems: Elevators, Escalators, Moving Ramps-Buildings Automation System- Power

Infrastructure: Transmission, Distribution, Substations (Primary and Secondary)

Utility Management: SCADA, Energy Management, Distribution Management, Planning and Reinforcement, Energy Audit

Digital Utilities Solutions: AMR, Outage Management System, Facility Management, Database Management/ Maintenance, Application Software

Al Saqf meets the rising expectations for faster, better and more responsive access to Internet services, the widespread implementation of convergent triple play system, the predominance of virtual private network, the liberalization of the communication sector, and the challenging implementation of service communications technology with its cutting edge features. Telecommunication is now central to most public and private projects and for this reason, in early 2009s; the Telecommunica- tions specialty has been given the attention it deserves as a distinctive, independent section at Al Saqf.

Our main advantage stems from our technology leadership in major industries: Private works, utilities and public works. In addition to basic services such as strategic planning, integrated solutions, system engineering and network architecture, our engineers focus on performance optimization, network resilience and disaster recovery, thereby offering comprehensive solutions.

Our Telecommunications Specialty along with our specialized Sub consultants encompasses:
  • In building systems
  • Voice Switching: PABX, Local and Transit Central offices, Next Genera- tion Switching Networks
  • Wireless Data (WiFi and WIMAX)-Telecom Traffic Management
  • Telecom Facility Management
  • Vehicle and Person Locations Systems
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Al Saqf started servicing the industrial sector in the mid 2012. This step was a major milestone in our mission to provide comprehensive and diverse engineering services. Driven by growth and client satisfaction.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the Explosive and small arms ammunition Industry as well as in other industrial areas and applications such as:

  • Small Arms Ammunition Facilities
  • Storage and Loading/Unloading Facitities and Systems
  • Production
  • Power and Electrical Facilities
  • Communication Systems
  • Security and Access Control Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Waste Collection, Handling and Treatment
  • Support Facilities

Al Saqf’s Mechanical Engineering team has undertaken several projects, small and large.

The qualified and well-trained engineers recognize the individuality of each client’s requirements, in which practical solutions are tailored to provide the client with cost-effective systems.

Mechanical Department engineers strongly believe they are responsible to provide sustainable design solutions which provide healthy buildings, avoid useless energy consumption and depletion of natural resources, generate less waste, and are within the client’s budget.

Our commitment to sustainability has been an integral part of our design philosophy and has been conveyed as a cultural transfer to our clients.

We are taking these core values to the next level of implementation through the use of renewable energy source, water conservation measures, energy efficient systems and indoor air quality improvements.

Highly professional standard of service is provided by our professionals in the following domains:

  • Direct Expansion (DX) & Packaged Air Conditioning Systems
  • Centralized Chilled Water Air conditioning Systems
  • Zone smoke Control Systems
  • Thermal Energy Storage Systems
  • Laboratory Fume Handling and Containment Systems
  • Mechanical services for industrial Applications including workshops for military and food industries
  • Water Supply and Drainage Systems
  • Fire fighting Systems
  • Pumping Stations
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Boiler and Fuel Plants
  • Process Cooling Plants
  • Noise Control Analysis
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Pay back